Blue Cross Blue Shield

A health education video campaign focusing on the importance of nutrition, starring Vivian Howard

Roles: Director, Director of Photography, Producer, Editor

Project Description

Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) wants its members to live healthy lives. So they’ve included nutrition counseling as a benefit in most of its plans. To further educate members—and the public—BCBS partnered with Chef Vivian Howard and registered dietician Tracy Owens to create a series of 12 videos. Some involve “recipe swaps” that teach people how to switch out ingredients in favorite recipes for a more nutritious (and delicious) alternative. Other aspects of this large-scale project involve promotional videos that highlight the nutritional counseling and other health education resources available to BCBS members.


“I’m typically behind the camera, so having the role as a director was an incredible experience to expand my knowledge in this specific department.”

Taking on the creative leadership role for this large project, I worked closely with my team, all talent and the creative group at BCBS to establish a focused environment that kept everything moving in the right direction. Ultimately, this was a great opportunity for me to wear multiple hats and ensure an outcome that exceeded the client’s expectations.


I was privileged to work closely with animator Cristian Cardozo for the promotional videos in this series, developing a unique look and style using parallax still imagery. This approach, along with some live-action scripted components and a tight timeline, made this project very unique. The entire series was shot completely in two days, and we had about three months in post-production, adding to the challenging—and exciting—nature of this project. But with an incredible team, overall great attitudes and a lot of patience, we were able to produce a solid product that is impacting the lives of individuals all over North Carolina.

“Each project presents an opportunity to try new visual styles, BCBS wanted to use still imagery for some of the shorter based content. We utilized the parallax-motion format to create some really dynamic visuals.”



CLIENT: BlueCross BlueShield
ADDITIONAL CAMERA: Eli-Wallace Johansson, Blaire Johnson, Will Gehrman
SOUND: Josh Stowe
HAIR+MAKE UP: Robbie Forest
POST PRODUCTION: JW Motion and Stills Inc.
VFX: Cristian Cardozo