Videos for online marketing resources, internal training and development, and tradeshows

Roles: Director of Photography, Producer, Photographer

Project Description

A client of mine for over 8 years, IKA laboratory technology creates a wide range of innovative equipment for numerous applications in research and development. Because of my longstanding relationship with the company and my familiarity with their needs, I have been able to provide a wide variety of motion and still photography work for this inspiring organization while keeping their visual voice consistent.


“I really enjoy working with long-term clients like IKA. There’s a unique understanding—an unspoken knowing—within every project that makes the experience unique.”

Project Examples
  • Corporate branding videos

  • Still and video event coverage

  • Tradeshow booth events

  • Marketing videos for tradeshow use

  • Internal training and development videos

  • Live event broadcasting



DIRECTOR: Refika Bilgic
DPs: Dennis Steib & Josh Woll
ADDITIONAL CAMERA: Eli Wallace-Johansson
EDITORS: IKA Inc. and Dennis Steib
ANIMATION: IKA Inc. and Dennis Steib