When creative vision and technical expertise merge with a collaborative process,

your intention becomes reality. And your story comes to life.


Technology combines with art and vision in this creative process. I work with each client in a push and pull of ideas to craft their story. Whether a 15-second glance, a live capture, or a season-long chronicle, the goal is always the same: to engage, inform, and inspire the viewer.

documentary | commercial | corporate identity | live event


The right angle, slight adjustments, meaningful details. Stills are about the subtleties. Merging your vision and mine, we’ll get the shots to serve your purpose. Lines, colors, expressions—a photograph encapsulates a moment but speaks volumes.

documentary | commercial | corporate identity | live event



Stories are the medium of our culture. The way lighting establishes the mood of a moment, or discoverIng the intensity of an experience through perfectly placed angles and focal points. Informative, serious, motivational or just plain entertaining, the stories are there—all around us. It’s my passion to bring them to life.

Camera work has been my primary focus, whether stills or motion. And for over 15 years, I have made cinematography and photography my life’s work. Some titles I’ve had include Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Cinematographer, Director, Producer, Editor…the label doesn’t matter, as long as I’m capturing the story—your story.

The purpose of camera work is to encapsulate a moment (or moments) in time for a specific intention. This requires being truly present and incredibly thorough. Combine that with my love for the latest and greatest industry technology, I’m all in. So let’s get started.

What kinds of stories can I help you tell?

  • “We have collaborated with Josh Woll for over 8 years. His work speaks for itself and has been the reason for our steady work with Josh. He has worked on both corporate and global videos as well as local events, such as employee events, spontaneous videos and capturing our times as an organization. Josh is very flexible and has supported us during our most important event in 2017. He has picked up our corporate visual very quickly and we are very happy with his work. If you are considering working with Josh, do it, you will not be disappointed.”
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  • "We have been working with Josh for more than a decade as a camera operator and DP. Over those years we have produced a variety of content together, both around the country and abroad. Josh is an extraordinary talent behind the camera, has great sensibilities as an editor and is also a pleasure to be around which helps on shoots. I would recommend Josh to anyone looking for those services on any level of production." 

    Curtis Thieman
    Curtis Thieman
    Port City Films